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With an eye on the big picture

Healthy food needs healthy soil. ERBACHER food family is committed to the renaturalisation of land, regreening and forest conservation. We go a long way to achieve this: with the Erbacher Foundation, we are involved in global projects that are designed to support people and nature and offset our CO2 emissions.

In good global community

Erbacher Foundation

We use foundation funds to support regional regeneration projects in East Africa. Families there are working to restore pastureland from devastated landscapes because healthy nutrition starts with healthy soil. Employees of ERBACHER the food family support the projects with their knowledge and lend a hand. In Tanzania, we support a self-managed forest conservation project the size of Saarland (over 2,100,000 hectares) to offset our CO2 emissions.


Fertile new land

Soils for the future

Since our beginning, healthy soil has been a topic close to our hearts. We have developed feed containing trace elements that are fully bioavailable to the animal instead of being excreted. A win-win situation. The animal is well supplied with essential elements and the soil and groundwater are no longer polluted by excreted elements. Healthy soil is also the focus of our partners in Tanzania, Africa. Together with the organisations 'Just Diggit' and the 'LEAD' company, we are renaturalising heavily degraded soils in a practical way, namely 'simply digging' with the help of the local community. New planting, along with crescent-shaped mini trenches ("Earth Smiles"), create a favourable microclimate and micro-hydro status for the plants. This causes dry steppe soil to become green and fertile again.

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CO2 compensation

and forest conservation

In our Ntakata Mountains forest conservation project in East African Tanzania, we not only protect the climate but also preserve the habitat for many wild animals and local people. Avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions is always our aim when it comes to climate protection. However, as it is impossible to avoid all emissions, CO2 compensation is necessary. To this end, we protect an area of 2,160,000 hectares, together with the local people, in the densely forested Ntakata Mountains in Tanzania. This offsets our unavoidable emissions.

With the Ntakata project, we are not only making an important contribution to our environment, but also fulfilling our social responsibility in the relevant areas.

The local population benefits directly from the money raised through the sale of CO2 certificates: the income is invested locally in education, health and the promotion of local business ideas. Microcredits from the sale of CO2 certificates enable the local population to set up their own businesses and be economically independent - in harmony with nature.

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