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Working together for the future

At ERBACHER the food family, everything revolves around sustainable nutrition. We are a third-generation family business and pride ourselves on being thought leaders and pioneers. When it comes to nutrition for humans and animals, we have been thinking ahead and leading the way for over 80 years. We take our responsibility, as a food producer, seriously. Our responsibility is towards nature, animals and people. With more than 1000 employees worldwide, we are passionate, innovative and courageous with regard to pursuing our visions: our children, their families and animals should be able to enjoy healthy and enjoyable food with a good conscience - and as part of a good global community.

We make sustainable nutrition.

What is it all about?

At ERBACHER the food family, as thought leaders and pioneers, we think ahead and lead the way in the matter of sustainable nutrition. But what is sustainable nutrition?

Sustainable nutrition is affordable and wholesome. 
We need simple and healthy foods that nourish us while being enjoyable to consume.
Sustainable nutrition is designed and produced in a climate- and nature-friendly way. 

When producing our food, we act honestly, respectfully and with a high regard towards our fellow human beings and animals. Climate protection is also vital in the production of sustainable nutrition.

We are a family business and enjoy working together with other family businesses in the value chain. This creates added value for everyone, from our employees to our customers and their pets and livestock.

Verschiedenste Cerealien aus der eigenen Produktion in durchsichtigen Dosen im Regal.

Our Vision

Why does ERBACHER the food family exist?

Grafik verschiedener Menschen

Our children, their families and animals should be able to enjoy healthy and enjoyable food with a good conscience - and as part of a good global community.

This is our vision at ERBACHER the food family. A vision is never finished. A vision continues growing and we want to grow with it. The next generations, human and animal, should also be able to enjoy healthy nutritious food all over the world. That's why we produce feed for farm animals that keeps them healthy and in turn provides us with good food. That is why we have developed nutritional concepts for pets to fulfil their natural requirements and provide them with a wholesome diet. This is why we work with partners in the food sector who are driving innovation in this area. And that is why we are connected to many people, around the world, who share our vision.

Our mission

What do we strive to achieve at the food family?

ERBACHER the food family - thinking ahead and leading the way for sustainable nutrition.

This is our mission. By thinking ahead and leading the way, as thought leaders and pioneers, we want to contribute to society by creating sustainable nutrition. As trailblazers, this means that we often break new ground. For example, we successfully campaigned for antibiotic-free animal feed in Germany. Being a pioneer and thought leader also means keeping a close eye on our CO2 footprint. We avoid and reduce CO2 emissions wherever we can. Where we reach our limits, we offset the emissions with CO2 certificates from reforesting projects. We are always trying to utilise new energy-saving technologies. Our petfood plant has its own combined heat and power cogeneration unit, and a very high level of energy efficiency. These are just a few examples.

Zwei Mitarbeitende fahren mit dem Fahrrad über das food family Gelände.

Our culture

What is it like to work at ERBACHER the food family?

Erklärgrafik, wie zukunftsfähige Ernährung schaffen

Those who work for us become thought leaders and pioneers. They learn to think ahead and lead the way. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for sustainable nutrition. This means ambitious tasks that all employees take on, in every area of ERBACHER the food family. 

Family spirit is more than just a motto for us. It means that we help and support each other in our challenging tasks. Only in this way can we produce sustainable nutrition together. Globally. Collectively. Sustainably.

Us at a glance

ERBACHER the food family in numbers & facts

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Founded in 1941

4 locations

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Tanzania

Over 70 countries

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Over 1000 employees
in Germany and abroad

Products for

Beef, Veal, Pig, Silage
Dog, Cat, Horse