Creating perspectives

Creating perspectives

“Family Cooperation for Food”. This is the name of our initiative to improve the food and living situation in the rural regions of East Africa. In Tanzania, the food family cooperates with family businesses to support them in developing sustainable and successful business models for the production of good food. To this end, our know-how about nutrition and agriculture as well as our decades of experience as a family business flow into the projects.
We are currently working with dairy farms in Tanzania to increase the quantity and quality of their milk. To this end, we are working with a family business owner to set up an advisory programme on dairy cow farm management, calf rearing, fodder cultivation and feeding techniques.

The aim is to make Tanzanian agriculture more efficient and competitive. In this way, self-sufficiency in high-quality food such as milk and a reduction in dependence on food imports can be achieved. It is a win-win situation: the Tanzanian dairy farmers benefit from our expertise on the way to an agriculture with a future and the food family can gain potential new business partners in Tanzania in the long run.

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