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Our ERBACHER Foundation
Our own foundation was established more than 30 years ago and has always supported projects that contribute to the improvement of livelihoods in rural areas.

Now, especially in Tanzania, we focus on projects for the re-greening of degraded soils. For this, we are working on this rehabilitation of the dry grassland together with local people and professional partner organisations.
Re-greening methods include rainwater harvesting, replanting tree roots and creating grass seedbeds.
Our long-term goal is to improve incomes, increase biodiversity and address our climate responsibility.
We have moved away from considering annually changing projects in the form of one-off funding, however we want to accompany projects in the longer term and actively contribute to achieving the formulated goals.

Since the foundation was established, we have been enabling young people to exchange. This means currently to enable young Tanzanian professionals to take part in an intercultural exchange.

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